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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
Post Content
Ever notice that the term: what lies within you. Has the word lie in it. Ever notice that in most manusctips and books about God in reference to God the term "Who" is always capitalized. "Who" is dictated in language in the form of an inquiry, yet it mirrors off the actual name of the Divine one to note it as present but discount it as a question. Not the answer. Very deceptive within mind taught from birth that there is an answer or another identifier to "Who". When "Who" has a capitalized first letter like the term God, as a true signature of Gods name. "Who" is associated term for the Divine one, but in a sea/see of deception it is missed buy/by most that discount it as a relative term of question not answer or statement of prevelance.

Most noticeable is this statement found in all manuscripts be they hindu or christian or muslem or Tao. "God"/ Who/ is everything.

In the perversion of inquiry associated to the. Group of symbols forming the representation of "Who" the divice is designed perpetually reflect the word as a transient inquiry verses a statement of identity.

Your "owl" is trying to tell you something Aether, something of importance that may have been simply overlooked because of prior conditioning by design.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24942753

I believe he got the message.
 Quoting: Jonny Blaze

i was talking about this an hour ago off line with a person whom reads this thread
although the meaning is personally interactive to me so makes sense uniquely to me , as these things do for each of us, in general it occurred because jonny accessed me into dimensions i normally never enter

i consciously interact with these dimensions without thought but i do so from my own dimension so the interaction is inter dimensional and to a degree, impersonal

thanks to jonny, i entered these dimensions and in doing so experienced a fuller sensation of their emotions and in doing that i feel i have become emotional closer to them and it feels lovely

adding reality to meaning

is the phrase

thanks jonny thumbs
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