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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
Post Content
Does one choose what they are attracted to?
 Quoting: seer777

experience of the attraction = choice becomes natural
 Quoting: aether

For example...

Let's take a sudden attraction to the opposite sex upon viewing for the first time.

One may see two people, let's for this purpose say of relatively equal 'good looks'.

Perhaps one has darker features and the other lighter.

Without speaking or really thinking, one will automatically KNOW the one they are attracted to more so than the other.

Is this choice? Or is it a completely unconscious exercise of some type of fated attraction?

What causes that pull toward one more so than the other when either would be considered attractive?

Is attraction chosen? Or does it choose the chooser?

 Quoting: Seer777

nasa is asking that same question as we talk and the answers that will arise concerning our invisible architecture and how our material dimension functions on this topic will assist us discover how and why our emotional responses to each other are steered the way we sense they are

i imagine


Clearly those that think photons are the force carrier for the EM spectrum are incorrect. We know that only charges traveling in closed loops within magnetic fields generate charge, yet photons interact with those same charges when they travel in straight lines. So photons can not be the source of the charge generation. So I strongly disagree with MM and any who believe photons are the force carriers. The data does not support such a conclussion.
 Quoting: observation

Don't forget the difficulty of explaining electrostatic -attraction- of two objects via an exchange of photons. The photons have to carry a "negative momentum". It might be a formulation which in some way is equivalent to a standard field theory but it's not clear to me where the advantage would lie.
 Quoting: NASA:themis

 Quoting: aether
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