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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle just a dude
Post Content
is it possible a "mistake" was made in creation/the universe?

if so; and the "mistake" was made "by design"; would that not invalidate sacred geometry?

i have been "working" to create the "metatron" using, as a template, a "diarama-tomb-door-grid".

it wont "work".

alternatively; what if "God" made an unintentional "mistake"?
 Quoting: PPaiwonski

you mean like the grudge of something/someone left behind
a fluctuating universal constant
limited universal resources
a pre-universe 'staining' the current one
all of the above

or the potential for hacking? i.e., backdoors

 Quoting: just a dude

Haha, my own internal dialogue for as long as I consciously remember... if you can't get in the front door, go around back and if that doesn't work, open a window. And with that in mind, there's always the possibility God's just using us to test system limits by programming extremes into the framework to see how we deal, see how creative we can be when we improvise in any direction.
 Quoting: Bea Nameless

The study of the extremes relates to heaven and hell, acme and pit, compression/decompression. The two are merged and 'neutralized' in the symbology of the serpent biting its tail.

In the infinitely small, things are vile/violent; in the infinitely large, as caresses (except in the fronts of hypernovae).

Hacking ist verbotten.

The beauty is in realization accompanied by contentment in having the Universe give One the nod.

Life on the wheel is grand, but visits to the hub bring renewed bliss.
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