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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
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Clearly those that think photons are the force carrier for the EM spectrum are incorrect. We know that only charges traveling in closed loops within magnetic fields generate charge, yet photons interact with those same charges when they travel in straight lines. So photons can not be the source of the charge generation. So I strongly disagree with MM and any who believe photons are the force carriers. The data does not support such a conclussion.
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Don't forget the difficulty of explaining electrostatic -attraction- of two objects via an exchange of photons. The photons have to carry a "negative momentum". It might be a formulation which in some way is equivalent to a standard field theory but it's not clear to me where the advantage would lie.
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I have never been fond of the idea as the photon as the force carrier, it just never seemed to fit. I think photon's travel at c, not because they are the ultimate particle, but because that is the speed they are limited to by the medium (some would say fabric or field) that they traverse through. Besides, a photons energy must come from somewhere, as must ALL the EM radiation being constantly emitted by all matter (as we define it).

I can lock it (a clump of matter) up in a near radiation proof box and any sensors inside will detect just as much EM being emitted as before it was placed in the box (- the smidgen it receives from external sources). So EM is not the source, but the effect of pure energy generation, excess charge being emitted to keep a system as close to balanced as possible. Then add in excess charge along the current paths and it is no wonder stars glow!!!

Every thing that orbits in another objects magnetic field generates charge, pure and simple, and that includes protons, neutrons and electrons orbiting around each other. I see no other viable explanation but a magical power source conveniently beyond our detection range. Which leads us back to energy conservation [link to thunderbolts.info]
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