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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Seer777
Post Content

Funny typo...

 Quoting: Seer777

we are not off the wave

Don't forget the difficulty of explaining electrostatic -attraction- of two objects via an exchange of photons.
 Quoting: NASA:themis

look at the topic and language used by nasa a few hours ago

for ever to our memory people have attempted to explain attraction both physical and emotional

very recently people discovered that our universe is unlike we ever imagined physically therefore it can not be as we believed it to be emotionally

we are currently utilizing today's known information to explain ancient unknowns , attraction both physical and emotional is on the list of topics being explained

because of the recent now known to us physical structure of our universe we have discovered it`s physical expression is integral to our own emotional responses and physical well being because the ingredients and motivated process of our physical universe are the same ingredients and motivated process that are us.

so in discovering the nature of our universe , a nature we have no memory of knowing, we have discovered the nature of our self

and the two go together in a manner, unimagined before this day, in any record we possess

we are in this process as we talk and will remain in this process for some linear years to come
 Quoting: aether


Yes, by 'missed the wave', I meant the momentum we were generating as a group on that specific topic earlier today...

In my experience...when left to fall without utilizing the energy completely, we may miss the boat if you will by essentially ignoring the rise of Source consciousness attracted to all of us here when we delve into such.

When the wave is high enough, I don't have to push, it just comes and I record it here as it does. I believe it is most likely the same for you. Automatic if you will.

I love what you wrote there aether.

The NASA connection you made is quite thrilling.

THAT is why we all need each other...as we each spring from the Muse which we recognize.


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