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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
Post Content
i think what we have to get our heads around is electricity, magnetic fields, plasma, chemical reactions etc, etc are all visible signs of conscious process

if we arrived on earth today having never been here before we would discover everything sticking to, being attracted to, reacting to etc., everything it should do in enacting conscious process

our 5% of conscious process , our self conscious doesn`t get that yet
our 95% subconscious gets it, unnoticed by our 5% self
we breath and our body functions perfectly within our newly arrived in environment (earth) because our 95% subconscious without thought enacts the conscious process
our 5% self changes shit around within which our faiths tell us only ourselves, angels and god possess conscious process

so we fuck around with everything and become amazed that it self organizes like our subconscious does

how can that be a surprise
but it is to our faithful
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