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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Jonny Blaze
Post Content
And 0...if you're going to take the time to quote me...then quote me correctly and in full context.

Spinning words and distorting quotes is a reflection of your own problems...not mine.
 Quoting: Jonny Blaze

Good answer. No offence offered, accepted, nore rendered. Yet you still needed to deffend your position, when you could have easily stepped side and gave it no thought or response. For that was its meaning. If you were not addressing me you need not entertain any thought toward my post. It it is whimiscal non sense, you need not reply or state any case to the effect. That is the lesson. Fight the good fight Jonny, not all battles are prudent. Not all thoughts prevelent, some promote reflex and miss step if entertained. Fight what counts let what doesnt count or caculate resolve its own dilemma unto itself. If you engage with it, you associate meaning from it or identification. If it is lost in translation, ignore it and do not pay it an incling of measure for it is nothing to you and why even bother giving it a response. To entertain anything that has no substantial footing is to place yourself in the position of such. To respond to meaningless drivel is "shadow box".

Like I said, Mr. Blaze you life will be as the name you have chose.

If 5 year old mentally ill child walks up to you and says, Jonny your an idiot! The sky is green and donkey! How come you dont see that!

Would you make it about you? Why even defend yourself? It would be waisted breath. And you are only given so many of those.. fight the good fight dude and let the rest be water off your back.

Same lesson provided here.

Take care.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25236531

You are no five year old mentally ill child and neither am I. I only engage in banter that I enjoy. I enjoy feeling angry. I enjoy feeling wrath. I enjoy laughing at myself and at others.

I enjoy it because I can switch it on and off. It's my controlled folly.

You exercise a form of duality when you post, so, in my opinion you are worth conversing with. If you were the average GLP poster just spewing direct criticism I wouldn't have bothered.

However, you are not. And you seem to have taken an interest in me. So while I indulge in these useless emotions and have fun doing it...I aim to pick at the mystery behind other people's motives.

The lesson's I have learned in this lifetime have always been taught to me by my wisest adviser...through me and through the people I interact with.

And yet, there is an ulterior purpose for my actions that goes beyond what I stated above.
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