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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
Post Content
7th sense
i wonder
 Quoting: aether

Eye and Vision
Ear and Hearing
Nose and Olfaction
Tongue and Taste
Skin and Touch
Mind and Thought

is there one in addition ?
 Quoting: aether

the synergistic affect of the 6 = 7th

what is that

all that is you

self aware you

i imagine
 Quoting: aether

in our material dimension
 Quoting: aether

which in our non material dimensions is the non material structures of mind and thought causing the synergistic effect of self aware self to continue utilizing our emotional senses within mind and thought to replicate our materially experienced sensations of our material dimension thus forming familiar form to the motivational shape forming emotions that are within our non material dimension

going from material dimension to non material dimensions our self aware self introduces that which was familiar to us
which is why it is vital to discover the nature of our environments material and non material dimensions while conscious so the shape forming experiences fit "both sides" of material non material

is how that feels
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