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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
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Just a dude and Sep...can you guys go into the whole sensing a rat thing? I'm interested in the why's surrounding both of your comments regarding that?


Because what I'm getting is not related to a human dramaesque kind of thing...but are you sensing something bigger?
 Quoting: ArunaLuna

I was just teasing Saptaparna, his name choice reminded me of a blurb someone posted recently on one of his threads about everyone counting the senses wrong and that there are actually seven of them...

Well I beg to differ a bit.

There are countless senses and there are 'gross' senses.

In a sinking ship, the rats leave en masse.

There's a hive mentality there.

The paradigm shift has been recently strongly validated in neuroscience, thus reinforcing the vedas that spoke of organ specific neuronal bundles...

Gut feeling
Heart feeling
Throat (Adam's apple) feeling
Brain hemisphere flip-flops
Crown influx and outflux

Gut feeling is an incredible warning system directly linked to field perturbations. A 'well' causes a 'sinking' feeling.

Rats leave a ship with no prospects beyond fleeing impending doom. They find themselves in the middle of a sea of possibility. Meanwhile the ship is cleansed.

So we starve cancers, we starve self and in turn we find new senses that link us to Self.

Meanwhile the fishes eat the mice.
 Quoting: just a dude

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