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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
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“When the first ‘Seven’ appeared on earth, they threw the seed of everything that grows on the land into the soil. First came three, and four were added to these as soon as stone was transformed into plant. Then came the second ‘Seven,’ who, guiding the Jivas of the plants, produced the middle (intermediate) natures between plant and moving living animal. The third ‘Seven’ evolved their Chhayas. . . . The fifth ‘Seven’imprisoned their Essence. . . . Thus man became a Saptaparna.” (Commentary.)


Such is the name given in Occult phraseology to man. It means as shown elsewhere, a seven-leaved plant, and the name has a great significance in the Buddhist legends. So it had, also, under disguise, in the Greek “myths.” The T, or image_il (tau), formed from the figure 7, and the Greek letter [[G]] (gamma), was (see § “Cross and Circle”) the symbol of life,
 Quoting: theosophy

[link to www.theosociety.org]

this was 100 years ago when they began tracking the origin of our faiths
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