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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
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Gravity is a force towards the surface of the object and depending on the angle of connection can be off-center or binary in nature. Gravity decreases by the square of the distance whether "up" or "down" from the surface of any object, bringing into play as Weber, Ampere and Gauss tried to point out the angular relationship or longitudinal force. Not only with other objects, but within itself, causing angular motion or spin.
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Gravity of Earth

Gravity decreases with altitude, since greater altitude means greater distance from the Earth's centre..


If the Earth were a sphere of uniform density then gravity would decrease linearly to zero as one travelled in a straight line from the Earth's surface to its centre
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[link to en.wikipedia.org]

The idea of longitudinal forces in electrodynamics (forces in the direction of current flow) dates back to the time of Ampère.
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[link to www.df.lth.se]

what are we looking at
our material dimension is the visible affect of our non material dimensions (structures).
the first visible sign of our non material dimensions affect is charge (electricity) visible in all locations of our material dimension

this visible sign was called aether and is now called higgs field
because it is charge (electricity) it moves (flows) and it`s flowing prompts longitudinal force which newton labeled gravity
so in the locations where there is tiny material structure only prompted by the longitudinal force , the space between moons, planets and stars, there is universal weak longitudinal force (gravity)
and near the surface of larger material structures (moons, planets and stars) prompted by longitudinal force (gravity) there is stronger expression of this force because the flow of electricity between the material object and it`s surrounding electric field named aether/higgs is greater
because this force (gravity) is a surface affect it is integral to the inside outwards motivational force labelled "pinch" (enacted torus) that we have discussed
longitudinal force (gravity) is the visible affect/force of the boundary defining/maintaining process when the motivational information within a pinch erects into it`s finished structure by design and the inside outwards electrical force of the material structure interacts with the outside inwards force of electricity of the structures environment on the surface of the material object thus naturally maintaining it`s design shape in physical shape
 Quoting: aether

many of current sensitives in our science community remote sense this:

With such (dowsing) I detect a matrix, and it has fibonnaci measure and orientations .
Upon that framework that produces zillions of vortexs flow a duality of spin that I consider is magnetic in some way.

I consider that this occurs due to universe being a solid, composed of perfectly pack geometric shapes that perfectly pack, thus at all scale the self same geometries exist.
This geometry creates dual vortex whorls that enable transfer between dimenions to happen, and are memory based in that everything in 3D is held within these vortexs of memory.
I would highly recommend this link, and next time You look in a mirror try to imagine Yourself as the combination of the two ANU drawings, I assure You are, but in 4D
[link to www.greatdreams.com]
 Quoting: observation

 Quoting: aether

imagination will only see
what awareness knows can be

now we have through experience discovered information that explains the existence of our non material dimensions and their interactive connectivity to our material dimensions our sensitives among us are applying their new information are able to emotionally enter what their knowing now knows existence thus our remote sensing ability (imagination) can successfully translate into reality what it discovers within our non material dimensions
the reason our emotional remote sensing (imagination) can successfully and accurately fit into (enter) our non material dimensions is because , as we have discovered, our conscious process , our self aware self is constructed of the same ingredients as are our non material dimensions
the baseline ingredients that are the essence/fabric of our dimensions generally is the same essence/fabric that is our self , traditionally labeled soul
so becoming familiar with our non material dimensions not only alters how we construct our societies to mimic our environments self organizing self sufficiency, it gets us familiar with the dimensions that we emotionally remain sensitive within when we die (divest ourselves of material form) prior to us sensing where we next rebirth (are attracted to) and become emotionally material in expression again within our transitory scale invariance materialization (rebirth) process
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