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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Ahead of the game? Is that even possible?
 Quoting: 1908247

Anything is possible. If the conditions of the game or conditioning of the game doesnt work on an individual player due to experincing prior conditioning or condition to the extreme players susceptible to the conditions or conditioning themselves would have a handy cap. Even in chess the pieces can not be played out side the limits of the amout of squares on the board, but the master knows that all pieces are subject to strategy decerned beyond its confines. As each is a player looking from outside its confines. Somes winning isnt the game being played, sometimes its loosing so the opponent becomes over confindent and later the opponents ego writes a check his/her ass cant cash. Sometimes the game is played by not playing at all leaving an opponent or opponents only the opportunity to defeat themselves. Sometimes its using others advantage points as weekness, sometimes its about ebb and flow, sometimes its about defence, sometimes its about offence, sometimes double blind, bluff and composure. Sometimes its about creating foe's to enact alignments and allies, sometimes its about superstition and comfort. Sometimes its about every reason to win but loosing anyway. Sometimes its about every reason to loose but winning anyway. Sometimes its about cause and effect, cause and cause, effect and effect. Sometimes its about remaining nuetral and letting other players defeat each other. Sometimes its about being the piece and havig something greater then the piece play you, sometimes its about being your oppent and playing against you.

To be ahead in the game, you must first realize it is a decision to play that makes you a participant. Sometimes you have to surrender to win. Surrender means simply, turning to the winning side. Sometimes it is about power and lables and titles and browny buttons and merrit badges. Sometimes it is not. Sometimes it is enough to know you won before you engage and simply walking away, because that is enough. Sometimes it is defeating yourself because you know you can not be beatin. Sometimes its about who is watching the game and their thoughts. Sometimes its about teaching others how to win, loose and remain neutral gracefully or not. All games have limits and life is not the exception. Here in life all have the same reward: death. Defeating death is a mighty task, because it has not been done, cheating death has, but death has the final say. Unless you can make an alliance with death. Or use deaths strategy against itself. Or make life your allie and have it defeat death for you. Because life has as much power as death.

Is the enemy of my enemy my friend? No, but you can make the enemy of your enemy teach you much about your enemy by having the enemy of your enemy loose against your enemy. Reavealing your enemys strengths. Then using your enemys strengths against itself to defeat itself.

All is possible to the one who knows, even the boards limitations can be strengths. And its strenghts can be used by itself to become its limitations and its limitations to be used as strengths.

But, then again, you could always walk away and know, you could have won, and that is enough.

The fastest way to win any game in simply one move is this.

Dont play.
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