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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
Post Content
i just noticed something
for the past few days feedback has led the thread into emotion = energy

and when i awoke today i utilized the girls visible emotive expressions in word to describe the practical structure and function of emotion = energy expression

we are beta testing our "solid state" environment (universe) because we have discovered our environment (universe) is information labeled energy
what is information labeled energy
the best word we possess to describe it accurately is emotion, non material cause of effect
we discovered that there exists emotional boundaries defining source of emotive expression within it`s environment of emotive expression
for people it happens like this
our emotive boundary , the visible affect of our emotive expression, is our aura, that is our emotive boundary uniquely defining us , further within our boundary is our more solid surface definition of ourselves labeled skin

we emotively express ourselves within the emotive boundary of earth, labeled magnetosphere and further inwards from there is the more solid surface definition of earth labeled earths surface

earth emotively expresses it`self within our suns emotional boundary labeled heliosphere
and you know the rest, our galaxies emotional boundary , it`s 300000 light year halo/aura etc etc.

so the emotional sensitives amongst us will sense the motivational emotions within others.

they can sense the emotional complexity of people within earths emotional boundary, will sense the solar system emotional affects within our suns emotional boundary , can sense the complexity of our suns emotional environment within the complexity of our galaxies emotional expression, etc, etc.

in fact you can scale your sensitivity to fit your motivated desire to know remembering that each and every emotion is shared within the emotions of that which you are experiencing your emotions within and it to, whatever it is, is as motivated as you will ever be tounge
 Quoting: aether

Awesome start to a beautiful day!!
 Quoting: ArunaLuna

good morning
that information came from the collective information you girls expressed on this thread while i was asleep

i wrote what i saw when i woke up

 Quoting: aether

and we went from there to here:

its the crossover boundary (translation) of the information/energy coming into earth
what we are observing are the visible signs of the energy information (emotion) being translated upon arrival into emotional language of earths understanding (use)

like our aura does for us before our skin receives it
 Quoting: aether

now what i just thought is this

there is no way for our sensitive posters on this thread and the marko thread not to be affected by the content (invisible architecture) being constructed within word on this thread today

this is not a joke post nor is the wording we utilize to describe our non material structural reality comprising of emotion

i did say earlier in the thread that the topics we discuss can and do prompt p.t.s. on occasions because we do return to our ancestral past

now i believe the topics can and must heighten emotion on occasions
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