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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Seer777
Post Content
Coronal hole electrons coming in,started about 15 minutes ago. I got meridian vibes with it!

[link to www.n3kl.org]
Energy retracts then feeds!
 Quoting: shadasonic

That looks super dangerous. The sun is scary.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18035024

Crazy Synch.

I was just reading through the thread I mentioned above, and came across this post written 11/1/11.

I bumped a post from you Shadasonic.


I believe I have located a the source of what I am hearing and have describe through out this thread. This struck me automatically when I was re-watching a video from the Holographic Universe Series.

If you hear the high frequency tone please listen to this with headphones.

You can hear the high-pitched frequency along with the fading in and out tone. This is amazing.

This is the Sun.

Start clip at 3:50 for just the tone. WOW!

I can confirm this is nearly identical to what I am hearing.


I recommend the entire series. Very illuminating.
 Quoting: Seer777

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