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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
Post Content
I'm pretty sure I am done. I'll still hang around and stuff, for a while. But, I think I am done trying to figure things out.

I had a discussion with Dion on my Septenary Man thread, and it is crazy when I look at my old writings, writings more than 20 years old of mine. Fuck. I've accomplished them. I was on a quest to touch my soul, my spirit, and see what I was comprised of.

Throughout my entire life there has been an ache, a longing, to struggle through all the many illusions of what we are before we have been entangled in the web of the human condition.

The human condition is comprised of unreality. It is comprised of errors and distortions and longing and blindness, and false hopes and deception and the worst of it; relying on others to find the self. Co-dependence and crutches and fantasies and all the many, many disturbing, debilitating constructs of fear and doubt.

I have asked the questions throughout my life, since the time I can remember: What are we and what are we here for?

Even when these answers become known, there is no relief or release like we think there will be. Unfortunately, learning or suspecting the answers...well the answers remain
beyond human expression. It is akin to trying to describe, in full and in perfect form beyond equivocation , the reason why you love your child, or the reason you were born. Read the tales of the saints.
[link to en.wikipedia.org]
Read of St. John of the Cross and Saint Teresa of Avila. Their experiences, according to modern day Christians on this site would be of demonic influence.

Ah, I am getting off on a tangent.

There is no 100% absolution. I know now why the religious find such comfort in believing something from outside themselves will provide full absolution. How/why? Because it cannot be done save for fantasies and beliefs and the power of conformity that chains the soul.

The chains, the restriction, the boundaries that the human condition has constructed about itself...are comforting. We have been indoctrinated, composed of since our first breath, the predisposed human fallacy of not cycles, but of a singular beginning and end.

It all needs to be redone. The holy wars, the separation, the judgements, the righteousness. There is a problem though. Before, these things were isolated ideologies. Now, they consume the world. Not to mention the vices of greed and vanity.

We are due a cleansing. Cleansing does not mean death, but it does mean a painful SCRUB; a painful clearing of things attached to us that are not of our own self.

ALL the things you experience in this life are your own...

~ I need to get back in touch with myself. I have strayed a very long way from my center. It is difficult being this sensitized to the world, to the people surrounding my life.

I want to go deep, deep down into the thing that I am. Touch my soul and release it. Let it flow out and consume my subjective being.

I can sense it here. I feel it. Itís just out of sight. It feels strange. It is here. And it is me. But it feels like someone else.

I hope one day I allow it to span this chasm of fear and sorrow that I have dug. Let my soul cross it, and like the sands beneath the ocean waves, I will let it engulf me and let it preside over the confusion and doubts that have constructed my life.

 Quoting: Saptaparna

OK, this is just a thought experiment.

Our entire environment is 'solid'. There is no void. Period. Perhaps consciousness moves the illusion of 'particles'. Man, this is hard, lol.

OK, going into a different mode of thought.

everything is solid. nothing can move when 100% solid. Our consciousness does the moving. We are a projection in the field. The entire make-up of universal materiality is a projection through 'consciousness' (The Source). We do not physically move like we think and feel we do. Instead we are projections into a solid medium of vibrating aether/higgs. Our projections move, but the aether/higgs does not, it being 100% solid. Our consciousness and the way our brain is wired for the 5 senses makes our 'projections' (our physical bodies and all 'objects' in the universe, appear and feel like we are physical and physically moving, when in fact, we are all merely light/energy holographs manifesting within the aether/higgs. The different vibrational states within the aether/higgs further helps reaffirm and make sure that we experience the light/energy that we truly are as something physical.

OK, I don't know if that sounds correct. It is so easy to 'see' in my head, yet so incredibly difficult to describe.
 Quoting: Saptaparna

>>(got a major ear tone change when I typed that)<<

any idea what that is? I get those frequently.. just wondering because my ears have constant tones all the time so when it changes is about the only time I notice them anymore.

sorry to interupt.. thanks
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1105272

Typed: Finding integrity in nihilism.
(ears blew out)
Then edited to: Find integrity in nihilism.

It's sometimes atmospheric pressure, sometimes like a clear em phase reversal. Sometimes it's the spray from the sea, the particle Sea...

We all attribute.

Yet I know that when an inflection or shift occurs, information flows...
 Quoting: just a dude

we know "it" is not
knowing what "it" is
desires knowing what
you are within it
common motive

do you and the field experience common motivational expression . as in
in possession of the similar goal
 Quoting: aether

It has to be that way, otherwise I would get the information wrong. Remember when I was playing in my dream sandbox. I nailed some of those strange charge/magnetism topics. All through visual immersion into the structures.

Not to mention certain intentions that I make on the other-side that come to fruition.

Also, when I discuss things with people, some of it just comes from the top of my head, and it is accurate. Another thing which happens nearly everyday, is writing and not knowing the word I am writing, not knowing what it means. When I look up the word, there is not a better word to use in the context I used it. Weird stuff like that.

If the goals were not similar, then I would distort the inbound information when trying to express it.
 Quoting: Saptaparna

i agree

it feels like you should become comfortable with a recognizable to you walk through taking you into your motivational purpose that includes your comfortable departure knowing the motivational purpose safely continues. as in:
has your exit included
 Quoting: aether

exit = knowing what you are within = knowing what you are within, what you know you are within = knowing what the 2 of you (you and what you are you within) are doing = common motive = universal motivated transient material expression = material to non material to material process makes conscious sense
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