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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
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Electricity having 10 to the 39th times the force of gravity and the earth having a magnetic field that is diminishing, we might infer the magnetic field was previously greater than today. An electric environment might easily invert the polarity causing the magnetic poles to switch positions. That could in fact cause the mass to follow, precipitating the cataclysm inferred by the east to west (left to right) procession of the celestial realm to reverse, as duly recorded by the ancient observers. We might point out that these same observers were noted as being astonishingly accurate on other observations.

Question: Does the angular momentum of the planet alter if such a shift occurs?

We submit it does not, (for the moment). That being the case, the stars, sun, and moon would appear to the earth bound observer to reverse in direction of travel (left to right). We further submit that Dr. Velikovsky correctly surmised that ancient observers accurately recorded just such a polar shift
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