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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Jonny Blaze
Post Content
whassup aether

 Quoting: Jonny Blaze

morning jonny
nothing feels as complex as it did yesterday. as in:
natural simplicity arose while i slept to be noticed by me when i awoke

feels nice
thanks for asking
 Quoting: aether

I had a strange dream last night. Sort of a continuation in a way of a dream I had a few nights ago.

I was in a house. I remarked, while wondering through it, how strange it was that there was so much food (which seemed to be preserved in some strange way) everywhere. I remember thinking that this is so different than my place...if I lived here I would probably be eating all the time since all you had to do was reach out and eat something with no preparation.

Then I was in front of a tv screen which was turned off. Someone informed me that some had already left and that I could go with them or stay there for awhile. I thought, well I would like to stay here because the fighting Texas Aggies were going to be playing La Tech in just a little while...and I cant pass up an opportunity to see Johnny 'Football' Manziel play. (I simply call him Captain Fantastic).

Then I was laying down on my back with my feet in the air. Someone was next to me...for some reason I thought it was my sister which should have triggered my reaching out to grab hold of 'intensity'. But it didn't.

Then someone was pretend flying (like children do when they are balancing on someone's legs in that position). They were balancing on my right leg and the left leg of whoever was next to me. I then got a good look at her face. I remember saying something to her...'cousin'. It was said with an intense sarcasm.

What comes to mind is in the movie 'Underworld' when Lucian says to Kraven...'I guess it never occurred to you that you might have to bleed to pull off this little coup of yours'. Somewhere in that scene he says 'Cousin' to Kraven...which is exactly how I said it to this young lady.

I then woke up.

Strange huh.
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