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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
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what marko is talking about on the topic of inversion with the 2 and the 5 being the only numbers that touch 1 in his translation of the name of god vortex and the 2 being an inverted 5 symbol is this:

inversion = finished/defined shape information arrives first from non material dimension to material dimension so the motivational shape both knows what it is doing upon arrival and is instantly recognized upon arrival by our material dimension what it is that is arriving (no mysteries)

what following the final/defining shape information into the material dimension is the information that is the ingredients that structures the inside of the defined shapes function

that is why everything material forms (constructs) from the inside outwards

that is what our ancients mean when they symbol and sign inversion
 Quoting: aether

we know our non material dimensions function at faster than light velocity so what this means to us is before we are born, we, as do all material things expressed with our material dimension, are fully structured to function non materially as in:
we are motivated to exist and we know that at higher than light velocity, the impression within measured light velocity counting traditions (time), that equates to , we exist before we are born
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