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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
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nasa model nov 2011
they are a long way further forward now


I would expect major revelations since he was almost ready to present his theory to the world, and firmly believed that relativity was a total blunder that misdirected from the true state of the universe. You have already seen what relativity has lead to, Black Holes, Neutron Stars, Dark Matter, Dark Energy and the avoidance of any description of electrical forces acting in the universe. Tesla never presented any theory without experimentation first, I therefore expect he had at the least diagrams for machines to test this theory. A theory that could only have one consequence, dispute relativity. If it did not dispute relativity he would not have believed it was rubbish. The proof that electrical forces rule the universe would change science as we know it, with perhaps even devices that would enable one to control those forces. [link to www.thunderbolts.info]
 Quoting: observation

This is a huge misrepresentation of Special Relativity. Avoidance of electrical forces? Au contraire, SR says that electrical forces are the very things which define distance and time. Special Relativity says that Electric forces are more important to us than any preconceived concept of absolute space, in fact shaping our entire view of what is reality. If you wish for proof that electrical forces rule the universe look up "meter" or "second" in the dictionary. You will see that these most fundamental of all physical concepts are defined with electric forces. Dark energy? Neutron stars? No, relativity is about clocks and meter sticks and careful use of coordinates to record observations.. taking into account that it is electromagnetic forces which hold our world and our brains together. [link to www.thunderbolts.info]
 Quoting: nasa themis 10th nov 2011

 Quoting: aether

 Quoting: aether

nasa explains it here
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