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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
Post Content
found "Emerald Tablet"

from there; "Seven Sermons to the Dead"

from there; "Red Book"

so; FYI; i met and walked with Carl Gustav Jung 2xs now [latest; Fri evening]; goes by name "Alex from Iran"

he's always with Christina [Lilith]; she does most of the talking

she wants me to focus on her "spiral" head-dress [dreams?]


as she was talking; she abruptly stopped; back-tracked a few yards, and picked-up, off the ground, a copper-spiral; i saved it to prove "reality" of encounter

Jung is "over-joyed" to see me; yet, he seems pre-occupied

just says both times, at parting of ways, "you should write a book... you should lecture..." [interpret as read, "Red Book"]

to me it seems Jung wants to talk in private; but, Lilith may be restraining him
 Quoting: PPaiwonski

conscious altered field state (logos)
the vortex
the sensations from your encounters are intensely emotional as in:
thick/deep/informationaly fulfilling
so it looks like they have a lot to tell you and you handle their deep impressions well

is the sensation
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