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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
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Hmmm...you guys talking about the emerald tablets....guess i need to read them again. I woke up this morning mad...and i have no idea why, so i made coffee and grabbed my daughters term paper....started reading it and something clicked....but im still putting it together...seems wild almost in nature......im not mad anymore....but its a sensation im not even sure what words to describe it....i have nun :-)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8287935

i can relate to that maybe
when i awoke today the sensation was i was within a different environment to the one i had been experiencing
and this new environment felt "thinner" less texture/depth/living
was the sensation
i looked at the updates from our electrical engineers describing quasars and i was both amazed by their progress and amazed by myself as i was reading their words remembering that for several days i had been describing what they were talking about in terms of emotional energy
that is when i realized that this environment today felt strange in comparison to my emotional experience of it for our past few days

so i went for a walk and the merging of the electrical engineers talking and my explanations of the same topics in emotional/energy explanation began to form sense to the point where i can see where the two explanations naturally become one. as in:
our newly forming cosmology knowing is visible explanation of emotional reality and all newly discovered information forms it so
i then knew that the reason i had moved into emotional sensation thus description of our environment was because the people i am talking to, you guys on line, are expressing yourselves in emotional expression mimicking our emotional reality and what we are doing is immersing ourselves within emotional realities and translating it into the new technical information our recent technology is observing and replicating in laboratories both here on earth and in space
now i feel comfortable in today's environment because i am experiencing with others our environment and ourselves expressing ourselves in ways that enables both us and our environment to experience each other within more practical intimacy
and there will be fluctuations naturally arising from our coming together in our thought process on these topics

is the sensation
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