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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Had my first full night of lucidity I've had in a while. lol, a while is probably a few weeks or so.

No intentions of having it, just knew I was on the other-side immediately when I began dreaming. No "'ah-ha! I'm dreaming!" moment. It is more like I just woke up on the other-side.

Didn't do much except for messing around with the dream characters, whatever they are.

At one point, something decided to attach to me, coming from the ground dreamscape. At first it was like moving vines through the grass, wrapping around my feet. Just kept walking looking at a storm in the sky. When they began spiraling up my body and trying to constrict, I stopped and decided to observe them. They morphed into chains and wrapped my up like a perverse cocoon.

Funny how the fear is absolutely gone on the other side when these things happen. They kind of just slid off when I decided to adjust my perception of my surroundings. When that happens it is like I shift to a different frequency, which equates to 'location' over there, and continued exploring the different layer (dreamscape).

It was nice. It was like whateve happened over there didn't bother me, I just went with it. One time a tidal wave/tsunami came around on a beach I was walking on. I tried holding it up as long as I could, and the energy of the wave form continued piling high, high, until the energy was too much, and I let the entire thing slam done on top of me, and let the violent watery currents take me wherever...and then, I would continue on.
 Quoting: Saptaparna

cool that you can remember....I honestly don't know where I was last night...

and yes, I will ad your question for the daughter to my list...hope you don't mind it being one of the last ones I ask...because of it's depth;-)

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8287935

Hey WhitefFeather. Sorry, I haven't been paying close attention to posts recently. What question, and what gift does you daughter have?
 Quoting: Saptaparna

oh...sorry for the confusion, you posted a question for the daughter of the 33rd degree mason....when I meet with her again...

I only mentioned my daughter today because it was her college thesis I turned to this am for comfort because I woke up mad and did not know why...I'm good now though...for whatever reason, that mad emotion took me on a journey today that I am right in the middle of...I can only imagine where it leads...hf
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