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The cause of thunder
[link to iopscience.iop.org]


Yes, it's that easy. The flash of lightning is a flow of charge, with a radial electric field. That takes thermal energy in the surrounding atmosphere and translates it to radial energy, causing the observed shockwave. ALL of their observations are explained! [link to www.thunderbolts.info]
 Quoting: observation

They need a mechanism to explain how dust and neutral gas(not ions), are efficiently lifted from a star in a bipolar(not spherical) manner. Looks a lot like the thunder problem, just on a larger scale.
I'll suggest that an increase in electric field of the star dethermalizes the surrounding gas. This takes the random thermal energy in the neutral gas and dust,and translates it to radial motion, and therefore outward pressure. If the current really does run through a star as in the EU model, this would explain the axial symmetry of the dust/neutral gas ejection.
So yes, Thornhill's model of stars is right, but he's forgotten the effect of dethermalization as outward pressure on neutrals. Correct me if I am wrong, but I did not see him mention it in his model of red giant shell ejections or pulsations. [link to www.thunderbolts.info]
 Quoting: obswevation

So, is a quasar some wave front that ionizes material in its path, with an enhanced electric field at its leading edge? Or does a quasar blow off the surrounding gas clouds under some intense pressure? It does both. If a quasar is a fast moving ionization front with an enhanced electric field, it MUST blow off the surrounding gas cloud.
The fact that the quasar does have an intense electric field at it's front, causes the dethermalization that blows off the gas. [link to www.thunderbolts.info]
 Quoting: observation

We've all seen lightning, and heard the resulting thunder. Scientists have been telling us that what happens is that the flash of lightning heats the air, causing it to expand. This rapid expansion is what we hear as thunder. There are two problems with that idea. We don't see enough heat to cause this much expansion. Also, the thunder spreads out more like we would expect from some electrical effect, than it would from heating. O.K.,enough about thunder.
We look out in space and see quasars. We are not really sure what they are. Some scientists think they are shooting out from galaxies, and that maybe they are some kind of electrical discharge. Now we see that gas seems to be blowing away from them so quickly, and it's difficult to explain that much expansion.
If you can see that whatever causes thunder to expand so quickly from a lightning bolt, might be the same thing that causes gas to expand so quickly from a quasar, then good for you. You already understand thunder and quasar gas clouds better than most scientists. [link to www.thunderbolts.info]
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