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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Saptaparna
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Yes.. most people have this thought of "erradicating" the Ego, sometimes totally oblivious to its role in the whole thing..

My thoughts on that matter changed completely in one of those experiences I mentioned. I had a question in mind.. Why does Ego exist? What is its role? I got an answer! wink

As for the "choice made 'down' there", it's really interesting to read Revelations chapter 3.1 (fifth church) and chapter 16.10 (fifth vial).

Ride a boat on your throat thumbs
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Thread: The Ego and Societal Transparency
Do not try to put your ego away. Don't try to put it down. It is a natural process. In natural processes, the harder you try to push something away, the harder it is to push away. You have to recognize it and let the emotions that it brings forth go through you without dwelling on it. This is all simplicity. Wisdom is recognizing the thought energy (because you have experienced it before) and not acting upon it. It is like in meditation when a thought comes to you but you do not dwell on it. It passes through you and upon coming out of meditation you do not even remember what those thoughts were. This is part of the process of awakening. It is awareness of our eternal selves no matter the form. Spiritual growth is the ability to transcend dualism. It is not the ability to push it away.
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