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i will state for the record. the Gregorian calendar is inherently jacked. It is full of holes and wholes. The entire system is offset.
Here, on this planet, everything lives because the sun is. The solar calendar and accompanying hours and clock along with the imaginary lines of longitude and latitude that accompany its design is offset and filled with wholes. Humanity is the only thing in nature that recognizes an alternate hour off set as the first hour of the cycle. when everything in nature tells a different story as to when the first hour of the day is.

The lunar calendar which measures “Time” in ‘tides’ is more accurate.

What is the language of the sun? light, life and warmth.
The Gregorian calendar is based off solar revolution. One revolution is one cycle. Right?
The clock however is offset. Where 1am the first hour of the day is found in the darkest hour. Where life itself is sleeping/resting. Where positional being calendar based in solar revolutions should also accompany an equivalent clock cycle. Placing 1 am as the first hour of day light on the planet. Where the golden age equivalent of “international dateline” time was originally located longitude at Bermuda where 1am should corispond with the first hour of sun light on the planet. The start of a new 24 hour cycle should be located at the same exact location as it started.

If you look at the alignment of the great pyramids positional on the planet, it will show you this truth. along with the corresponding alignment of the Bermuda triangle as a dimensional energy conduit, as well as the reason hurricanes are developed in off set to it and hurricanes trajectory travel through it or within its vicinity.

so with that, to answer your question. dates and timing of solar events upon this planet have value to those who find meaning and place value on those things.

that is why 11/11/11 was an uneventful date although predicted that it would be many seer's. (no reference to yourself) because they are basing their understanding on a system that is a faulty mechanism by design.

the Mayans who were closer in region to the origin to the true "international dateline" could accurately measure the cycles of the sun due to location.

there is always a lag. the solar eclipse is a marvel, however its meaning is found in the individual that finds value in it as such.

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I am not speaking of the dates specifically, but the event which exists outside any calendar date created by Man.

11/13 just happens to have special significance for me.

11/11/11 was a difficult day for me... Having even started a thread due to finding out about the pedophilia at Penn State.

I was enraged, and called for the Harvest.

Pedophile rings...

How could they? Why would they?

Man has indulged his lower chakras at the disgrace of his higher chakras and fallen into ineffable sin. Compassion and love have gone the way of the Dodo. Men rule whose hearts are hardened by:


I feel sick. I feel tired. I feel hopeless in the face of Mans capacity for evil.

Bring on the Destroyer. The Earth is ripe for the harvest.

 Quoting: Seer777

 Quoting: Seer777

i see nothing with reguards to this event. i do see an "earthquake" or equivilant emotional responce on the 11th and i see something similar for the 15th.

i am not the answer man, and i get out of sorts when asked things such as these.. as i have been on another forum at another then, where people asked me all kinds of rediculous things when seeing my abilities to accelerate and shift things.

somethings you have to figure out for yourself. if somethign comes to me, i will pass it along.

is this day your brithday? that is what popped out when you wrote the above.

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Since there was two good size earthquakes for the 11th the momentum for the 15 is looking greater. Guess we will know more then. Oregon is coming in clear vision. However, i am wrong sometimes. Just doesnt happen very often.

[link to m.guardiannews.com]

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