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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
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Since there was two good size earthquakes for the 11th the momentum for the 15 is looking greater. Guess we will know more then. Oregon is coming in clear vision. However, i am wrong sometimes. Just doesnt happen very often.

[link to m.guardiannews.com]

 Quoting: 0 25853086


I was hoping that post would not come back up.

I am nearly certain Cascadia will hold. At least as far as Oregon is concerned.

Past the 'Event'.

Whatever that may be.

Due to a profound dream I had, years before we even bought our beach house.

 Quoting: Seer777

Well dear, i was off on locarion with the earthquake in canada tying into the "nights the lights went out in Georgia" as the 2 cops shot in Georgia was reminiscent of the song on the date. But the location of no lights was north east coast due to sandy. All simultaneous events, however location of power out was different local. I have been picking up on oregon for sometime. With ducks. Prior to us meeting.. but that may have been a ref to then going undefeated. Which they are.

Interesting to note though that one year to the day, i was seeing a major event in new york but it never maifested until a year later. Linguistically it was a match that was posted on another forum. A person i had met along the path there, reminded me of that as i do not go to that forum anymore.

Seperating the major from the minor as angels noted is difficult and takes some practice..

Anyway. More will be revealed at another when i suppose.

Have a good day.

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