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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
Post Content

that event is unique in human history and consequently fits sequentially into all things within earths magnetosphere uniquely
the visible uniqueness was the event
 Quoting: aether

forgetting the electrical nature of the cause the unique label is applied because of the events consequential affect upon the overview of our belief leadership

it become clear to leadership and public that our technology designed for a universe that does not exist (gravity driven) possess serious design faults in the real universe (electrical) that it is forced to function within

what was discovered is when a elmo's fire event or carrington event occurs all nuclear stations in the locality lose their ability to function because their essential electrically designed management systems fail and shut down and restart/repair before critical is impossible

this leaves only the fail safe enclosure if the plant to occur which forms the fabric of the plant as a tomb by design keeping the critical contents from contaminating outside of the tomb by design

this works

the heat is mostly in the floor of the tomb caused by the critical content possessing no coolant
all models show eventually the critical content "burns" through the floor and earth below until it reaches water tabel
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