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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle nobody
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0 ,,

this one agrees also,,

however,, forgiveness is the hardest,,

it would seem many fail to include the most henious of crimes such as paedophilia within forgiveness,,

so therefore many share only a limited level of forgiveness available,,

a boundary of sorts,, a limit to that which is possible to forgive,,

this one is equally guilty of limited forgivness in such a senario/case,,

and yet,, it is known that the ability to understand and forgive all is the path towards greator enlightement,,

too understand such a henious act,, is to be tainted thus with the thought of anothers defenseless suffering,,

in many respects simply un-imaj-inable,,

those poor children,,

meditation on this regard is thus greatly required,,

please forgive this topical genre's conutations as it has had a profound effect on this ones realisation of ego and the abilty too forgive all things,,

much love,,
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