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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Seer777
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I did not misunderstand you. My context is based of experiance. I grew up in an extremely violent environment with no defender at all. Infact i tried leaving it several times only to be returned and violated viciously. As a child. I know that pain to a great degree. More then mozt could imagine or ever conceptualize having experianced it through the formative years of my life. I used to sit every night with a loaded gun at ages of 10 thinking of killing myself and those around me.. there was no end to it and non defended me.

I chose to forgive and love them anyway. Eventually in my teens i was removed from that enviroment. Some years later i loved them and forgave them amd i did not continue that "curse" within the enviroment i live now. I changed the course of the future generations of descendants by giving them what i did not recieve. I granted grace to my violators and produced grace within the future generations.

I was violated. I was viciously abused with violence on a daily basis. As a child. I was emotionally and mentally abused as a constant wihin my environment from age 3-15. By 16 i never came home because by then the authorities could no longer turn a blind eye.

And i chose to give my violators the opposite of what they gave me.

Why? Because it was what it was right to do so.

Does that make me special?

No, i just chose to not be that what i was taught. I decided i would be different.

I dont judge anyone for vengence. I dont judge my violators. And i have every reason to do so.

 Quoting: 0 25853086

Much love 0.


Unfortunately it is FAR to common.

FAR to common.

We are all responsible for protecting our Youth.

They are our future.

When something seems not quite right, LISTEN to that voice...as it doesn't lie.

For example...

When I was a preschool teacher we had a new child come in. She was beautiful blonde little girl.

Her mother however, was quite particular.

She would come in speaking of all types of illnesses, she believed she had. Spending days with doctors who continued to tell her "there is nothing wrong with you."

I on the other hand, knew there was, but I couldn't put my finger on it.

Ruby was only with us for a few weeks before she was moved to another preschool.

About a week after, her mother drove her down to California, smothered her and threw her body into river.

She was 2 y/o.

Her mother then tried, and failed to commit suicide.

So what's the point?

The point is, that there WAS something wrong.

Ruby was out of my hands when it happened, however, I will never forget the shiver I felt when her mother picked her up for the last time.

It haunts.

[link to i846.photobucket.com] <-----Ruby
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