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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Esq
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What i know is that my environment does not dictate who i am. I can alter my environment because of who i am.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25853086

Most times people will judge you negatively not by what you do but what you have the capability to do. This works mostly in the negative aspects as that is where people draw there attention to when evaluating other as a potential threat. Faith in yourself, is never dependent on the trust of others. Often any good deeds done fails to be recognized or are discounted by others because of a reasoning that no good can come from it. Branded, no one even looks further for virtue and deems anything good done with skepticism. Few will look further and when doing so will always be on the look out for being burned,

All i am alluding to is that people are often branded and put in a box and the price they have to pay to extradite themselves is exorbitant. Most feel that the price to be paid is not worth; as a result they are were they are. Changing one's environment however is better then turning your back on it. For those of us with a past, we just need to give people a wide berth in dealing with it.
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