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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
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i have never been involved in violence although i to was born into violence and have often been in locations of and in the company of organized violence around our world

funny how that works
same locations different experiences
 Quoting: aether

And i have never been involved in violence other than my own making...always in a drunken state if i recall correctly...

Being of child as a parent...my first natural instinct wouldbe kill...i would hope i could deal with it as you have 0...with such grace...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24734228

The event of a child under my watch will never happen, because my enviroment altered. Plus in my last death #9 i seen that it would not happen close to me again. Provision by GOD.

Thank you.

Grace is greater than judgment.

Four it requires greater spiritual strength.

I would defend a child to the death. I do not die for sometime and inbetween now and then. I have been shown it will never happen. What was shown to me in my last death experiance. Has been 100% accurate. After over 12 years of seeing all i was shown as 100% accurate. I trust that.

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