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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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hi beau
 Quoting: aether

Hi everyone :) And I didn't bring that up to be negative. It's just a reminder that many of the things we think of as ours often springs from half remembered ideas we've stuffed into the memory hole, then reconfigured when they were needed. We all do this, in our art, in our lives, it's not unoriginal, it's variations on themes. Like every possibility wanting the chance of playing out, even if only through imaginary worlds we create that inspire others to do the same. How many times do we see fiction become truth and truth become fiction?
 Quoting: Bea Nameless

Glad you brought this up. Dealing with the same set of facts or storylines how many people will arrive at similiar conclusions. Seeing for the most part that the human mind is wired to a bell curve of responses, does this not limit to some degree an answer? The question proposed leads again to the 100th monkey theory that has all but been discounted.
The similiarity to similiar myths and accounts of a Golden Age throughout widely disparate populations point to either a common origin or a common thought/analysis process. Again the wiring mechanism of the brain invariably leads different people to different conclusions about what is reality, eg democrats and republicans. But, what remains is a commonality of process. If I recall correctly, process was the second step involved with creating a workable structure to completing an archetype.
 Quoting: Esq 20093181

i find that interesting
i have never imagined building an archetype
i can imagine being an archetype

would enjoy hearing more if your prompted to say
 Quoting: aether

I would think the first step to being an archetpye would be to possess an acceptable or recognized commonality, one that is universally desired or recognized. Epic heros that often possess desired characteristic are classic archetypes eg Hercules. It is a non verbal communication of understood meaning. Is it because they represent what the human brain/mind is wired to accept. Beauty is another archetype of sorts, it is a symmetry of features that is understood to be desirable. I don't know if you would qualify for that one aether. Your avatar seems a little disheveled.
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