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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
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Martian Skylights in the Laboratory
Nov 12, 2012

Deep cylindrical pits on Mars are not easy to explain. Small-scale plasma discharge experiments could offer some clues to their formation.

In previous Thunderbolts Picture of the Day articles about unusual geological structures on Mars, it was argued that craters, canyons, dunes and many other features do not readily correspond to contemporary theories about their evolution. Dunes that do not align with the direction of the prevailing winds and that do not show any movement after years of observation are odd. Other anomalies include crater rims with steep vertical walls and kilometer-deep canyons with no outflow channels.

On the slopes of Olympus Mons, often mistakenly called the largest volcano in the solar system, are several large holes that seem to be excavated vertically for hundreds of meters. On Earth some volcanoes have similar “pit craters” on their flanks. They have no connection to fumaroles or lava chambers so they are thought to be from gas pockets that collapsed, leaving sinkholes behind. However, with the recent awareness that plasma activity is involved with volcanic eruptions on Earth it should also be considered when dealing with Mars..........................
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