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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Jonny Blaze
Post Content
I believe this is the most telling line.

Labyrinth, Maze, Destination...



Maze= a feeling of being trapped, a type of directional vertigo.

You have sensed the location of your desired goal, the car.

Therefore, whichever direction you went which took you further away from that goal, through intuition alone you felt you were getting further away.

So you changed directions until again you felt closer to the 'car' or that which was your goal.

That is what I get.


 Quoting: Seer777

Thanks, seer.

That makes a lot of sense. I think I knew the first choice of going left in the divided hallway was probably wrong because I didn't see how it would get me back to the car quicker.

And I do think that being confronted with the long hallway made me frustrated enough to accept the pain of the headache. Upon waking, I felt that the pain was what was limiting my ability to move. The way I was moving in that dream was like I was drunk or very weak.

It was much different than a dream I had this morning...the last one before waking. I was pulled over by the police. I was with someone else. Often times lately in my dreams I never bother to look closely at whoever I am with. Well, this other person I was in the car with presented ID to the cops...it was MY id. They had my name and the same drivers license number (although the number in the dream was different than my real DL number).

Before the cops could figure this out, we got back in the car, this time I was driving. I drove like a bat out of hell and was driving across medians and divides from road to road. Finally we lost them and ended up in some type of hotel. We were hiding out...me and this other person who had the same ID I had. I never looked directly at this person.

Then someone came into the outer room of the hotel suite. He was unpacking and I went into the outer room to confront him. I was going to tell this guy that we had made a mistake and we were in the wrong room. Curiously enough, as I tried to explain this to him, he interrupted and insisted that he was in the wrong room and left.

Just before waking up, I told my other identity that we needed to get a move on. I felt that guy might give us up. Then I woke up.
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