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YUCATAN 7.1 QUAKE MYSTERY - Suspect Caught On CC Ley Line Quake Cam Fleeing Scene!
Thread: YUCATAN 7.1 QUAKE MYSTERY - Suspect Caught On CC Ley Line Quake Cam Fleeing Scene!

people will become esgy on the topic of that location

the global electric circuit remains constant in every part of the globe but it`s global value alters in direct (instant) position of our sun so we can be sure it is not the sun that fluctuates it`s radiation , it is dependent upon what part of our globe is directly facing the sun that is the cause of the fluctuations

now if we listen to science it says this:

"the potential of the global electric circuit varies with the position of the sun
this cannot be due to gravitational forces, as the gravitational force of the moon is far greater than that of the sun

the variation of the electrical potential is an instantaneous effect, it is just like gravity

so it must be due to solar radiation but what kind

and why is it that voltage of the global electric circuit increases so much more when the sun is direct overhead in central america?

is that because that is also an area of high seismic activity ?"
 Quoting: science

this is what arrived the other night so we are just hovering over it getting a feel
 Quoting: aether

and when you look at the map, central america is such a small strip of land and the real emphasizes appears to be located as much to it`s right as in:
the the caribbean sea out to cuba etc.
 Quoting: aether

 Quoting: aether
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