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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
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earlier noted big earthquake for the 15. could be related to Greenland under water volcano… or Greenwich mean time. as primary indicators.

could be an 'equivilant type event' according to emotional dump by enviroment.

and i could be off by a year.


it seems every-one is in good spirits today.

cept jonny.

perhaps that is why my tear from my left eye.

which was followed by joy.

you have a baby on the way?

 Quoting: 0 854787

What do you mean, 0? I'm in a reasonably good mood.

Random Fear n Loathing quote "I'm a fairly respectable citizen. Multiple felon perhaps. But certainly not dangerous."
 Quoting: Jonny Blaze


i was talking about your dream and your left eye feeling bad. when i was posting yesterday, i posted that all the sudden i had a tear come off my left eye. which i felt no emotional indicator and then i felt joy.

and then had a bunch of refrence to baby.

this morning you posted you got smacked in the left eye in your dream. i was wondering if that was related to my experiance?

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