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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
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The lunar calendar which measures “Time” in ‘tides’ is more accurate.

The clock however is offset. Where 1am the first hour of the day is found in the darkest hour. Where life itself is sleeping/resting. Where positional being calendar based in solar revolutions should also accompany an equivalent clock cycle. Placing 1 am as the first hour of day light on the planet. Where the golden age equivalent of “international dateline” time was originally located longitude at Bermuda where 1am should corispond with the first hour of sun light on the planet. The start of a new 24 hour cycle should be located at the same exact location as it started.

If you look at the alignment of the great pyramids positional on the planet, it will show you this truth. along with the corresponding alignment of the Bermuda triangle as a dimensional energy conduit, as well as the reason hurricanes are developed in off set to it and hurricanes trajectory travel through it or within its vicinity.
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as per the comment related to the crystal pyramid.

hurricanes are in essence what?

vortices with electric charge.

as aether would say, "we are in good shape."

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