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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle >~* Flutterby Fringe*~<
Post Content
well done fringe
where is john dee`s shrew stone from?
 Quoting: aether

this made me think of the Stone of Scone or Stone of Destiny
hmm Lia Fail

Nostradamus has a quatrain about it also

[link to jahtruth.net]

Quatrain 1,25
Perdu trouv, cach de si long siecle,
Sera Pasteur demi Dieu honor:
Ains que la lune acheve son grand siecle,
Par autres vents sera deshonor.

The "lost" (Ark) is discovered, (after being) hidden for many centuries.

The Shepherd (Christ) will be honoured as being half God:

So that the moon (Tephi) completes her great cycle (of burial and recovery from her tomb on the Hill of Tara),

In other winds shall be dishonour (Q. 9,99).

interesting number that is chuckle 3 9's

The great Empire will soon be overturned (Ezekiel 21:26-27; Q. 10,100),

In a small place (Tara), which soon will begin to grow (in fame):

A small place of tiny area (the Inauguration Mound at Tara),

In the middle of which he will come to place His Sceptre (Lia Fail - Stone of Scone).

Sitting alone at "night" (the Dark-times) in secret study;

it is placed on the land-based aerial tripod (on the Internet).

A narrow flame (the Truth) comes out of the solitude and

makes successful he (Cesar/JAH) who should not be believed in vain.

Thread: Egg shaped temple found at the Hill of Tara in Ireland, secret seat of power?
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