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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
Post Content
the moon cycles and eclipses of november fit nicely in my 2012 doom calendar tounge

9th hour of appolonius/9th repentance pistis sophia/18 arcanum tarot is from 3rd-15th november.

On this one the 'darkness' attacks the adept, which is Ra, the Sun going through the night being guided my the moon (Yah)

The 11th hour/11th repentance/20th arcanum is "Ressurection". It's from 27th november to 12/9. And the fullmoon matches with the eclipse on the 28th.

As for the cycles, we are entering the galactic morning now, this period of the cycle holds significant similarities with the events of previous similar period.. so we see much repeating
 Quoting: 1908247

do we have thoth anywhere is this information ?
 Quoting: aether

The moon leads the sun through the darkness. The trust and loyalty is evident.
 Quoting: pez 20093181

makes sense
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