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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Saptaparna
Post Content
no wonder we are detecting the drivers not the craft
our information has altered
the sensations of either pole and that all objects being unique have unique poles (2) so your signal coordinates to a unique signal of 2 impressions (poles) leaving no room for error of arrival
no 2 poles no signal to arrive upon
2 pole signal = correct location
fail-safe when going star system (solar) to star system (solar)

looks how you map from a distance (intergalactic) if for some reason you desire to put it into 2d sign
can`t think why you would unless you have never been off planet so you don`t run it in dimensional tech
you give it, for some reason, to those without dimensional tech
 Quoting: aether

you coordinate a pole because your power system matches/utilizes strongest vortice (poles)
you always come in on a pole no matter the location and go from there
 Quoting: aether

remembering average linear time between systems 2 to 7 seconds
 Quoting: aether

God, you are going so far outside the box it is incomprehensible. You are beginning to leave behind proper language, and are entering the state where I said a new lexicon is going to need to be formed/created for proper understating.

The guy just explained how multidimensional aspects can exist whereby one can...see and feel...

OK, I have to let this go for a while. Many, many things in my head are so far beyond words there is no sense in trying to describe them/IT.

aether, did you notice I inadvertently described Rodin's coil and 3, 6, 9? I told you I would do it, yet I never sat down and did it. Instead, it came from another post.


Time to shut up for a while.
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