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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It apears that the large quake for today may have been offset and "emotional type" equivilant event is the outbreak within the east.

With large data "sets" pointing to earthquake magnitude of 10.0 or "equivalent emotional responce" and all the 6.0+ as of lately. With further dimensional expression of corisponding "green" shades, green light, green day, green land," volcanic explosion. Epic tsunami. Etc.

Could be refrenced in context and processing identification of recent activity in israel.

I have been wrong before and of date by a year. At times impact date "cause" and outcome or "effect" ranging in 1-3 day range of lag. More will be revealed as to "emotional equivilant" event within the next few days or if event is an earthquake.

consequences rampant in context and expression processes throughout media and other sources.

As it is hard to detach from letting the monkey mind run with that ball.


It will unfold as it will unfold. I will remain neutral positionally to the emotional expressions found within this ever evolving situational/ emotional expression as it further develops. The entire region is doused in gasoline and every political party on all fronts is flicking bic's.

Yet, it may be simultaneous events. Quake and "Chernobyl part 3".

Sigh..... To cling to the illusions of this reality is to maintain attachement to it.

If anything more comes to me of prevelance, i will note it. as i am off to meditate for the next 6 hours.

No, i am not here. I am elswhere.
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