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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
Post Content
plasmoids visible existence forces our belief leadership to alter their beliefs in all things including, the nature of god
as our environment alters and plasmoids become visibly more interactive with humanities daily life there are two fundamentals our belief leadership is grappling with

plamoids fulfill the criteria of self aware intelligence
the nature of their habitat and lifestyle forces our belief leadership to accept that for plasmoids to exist as observed and experienced by us, our environment it`self must be self aware intelligence
there is no other explanation

when plasmoids where mostly confined to outer space (beyond our magnetosphere) their reality was kept a secret because no answer for their existence was available within our traditional beliefs

secrecy is no longer an option

the second fundamental is "organic craft replicate plasmoid characteristics and we have only recently discovered how and why "organic" craft function , so our belief leadership finds it`self in an odd position
they hoped to have possessed "organic" craft capability without changing our beliefs, by keeping the technology secret
our environment changed and continues to do so and plasmoids are arriving on mass, forcing people to notice their changing environment and question traditional beliefs

so the timetable for our belief leadership to become peaceful with a new to them reality is no longer of their own design
it is dictated by our environment hence the rapid change is cosmology and science in general , a change that has only just begun
 Quoting: aether
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