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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
Post Content
Electric Sculpting
Nov 16, 2012

Areas of Mars larger than Texas are wrenched and twisted, with deep canyons and sharp fissures, yet they are scoured clean of rocks and dust.

................................As the Electric Universe theory argues, at some point in the past the intensity of those forces increased and traveled through the planet from pole-to-pole in a powerful electric circuit. That formidable event excavated billions of tons of material from the north polar region, while at the same time layering a similar volume of material on the south pole.

During the discharges, Birkeland currents cut deep canyons at the north and south poles, while simultaneously drawing surface debris into curvilinear ridges that run parallel to them. The result was the “fossils” at both poles of a planetary electric vortex that engulfed Mars, as well as the thousands of slot canyons and scalloped pits covering Utopia Planitia. [link to www.thunderbolts.info]
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