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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
Post Content
gotta apprieciate the irony, and learn to duck.
 Quoting: aka 20093181

i do aka
we were discussing it while i was out of this house just now

it went like this

•Gravity was the focus of 20th century astronomy

•For the 21st century, it will be electromagnetism and plasmas in addition

•This forthcoming scientific revolution is presaged by the rapid pace of discoveries about our own star, the Sun, and its total plasma environment, and discoveries about the nature of the interstellar medium.

In volume, 99.999% of all the observable matter in the universe exists in the plasma state. This had led to the coinage of the term "Plasma Universe."
 Quoting: Los Alamos

[link to plasmauniverse.info]

we discovered in practical terms that of our 7 billion people approx. 70,000 "without thought" coherently emotionally respond to information (emotion) structured/sequenced in "plasma" state of mind visualization, as in:
the emotional information matches the plasma state dynamical expression of our universe outside of our magnetosphere
we label this experience (state) overview

outside of the 70,000 approx, other people experience varying degrees of emotional stimuli from both the physical presence and information told by the fellow 70,000 overview personalities

it is only very recent (few years) that the 70,000 and everyone else is legally allowed to talk of these topics so everyone, inclusive of the 70,000, are only now discovering authorized (legal) information that indicates reason(s) other than traditionally believed reasons for their currently personal emotive state of being
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