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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
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Serious question. If space is -458 deg F, and this star/large planet is as far away as thought, how if the thermodynamics of heat is correct, do we measure a heat of 800 deg F at the distance claimed? I say you put a 800 degree body of any size at that distance and you wouldn't detect anything.

So if light, and this includes infra to ultra and visible in between, is absorbed and re-emitted, thereby said law dispersing some heat (no claims of virtual particles here please), as light sure warms everything it touches, but never gets cooler along the way? Heat only works on total absorption? Or only electrons composing atoms are affected by light?

I am just curious as to how a million + deg ball of plasma 1AU away isn't frying us when we measure 800 deg from something at that distance? Really?
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