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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
Post Content
The cause is based in a feeling re-enforced by experiences that the Brits are an ethocentric people, even more so than Americans. Being such, an unrecognized aire of superioty arises from their consciousness that they are unaware of. It translates into a inability to relate to some on a
basic human level. It is this self imposed separation of interaction on a variety of fundamental human conditions that restrict their understanding of those that are deemed culturally/socially/intellectually deficient. I attribute this in part to the aloof attitudes of the Brits royal hierarchy.. It is not that Brits donot engage, it is that there is a aire in whom they are willing to engage with and on what subject based on a predetermined evalutions. It is
my feeling that some are looked upon as merely intellegent savages. hehe. I read your comments through yesterday and I find your willingness to ask questions and be open to input a bit of an improvement. In my opinion it is preferable to engage rather then dispense information, I feel that sharing bring about quicker and more dynamic results.
I understand the impetus behind such motives are well intentioned, I also respect your ability to step out of the way to allow discourse to continue along avenues that you yourself may not share an interest in. As I said, you have my respect. When I posted my comments yesterday, they were from feeling w/o thought, and as such were raw. I shared them with you as an open criticism. If I was wrong in my feeling, then I was wrong. Thank you for your inquiry as
to my purpose in disclosing the reasons for my postings from yesterday.

The main reason however for the postings yesterday was beyond an expression of my feelings. It has to do with the perceptions of those inside and outside the moving group. As eye become more directed towards this thread, it is
important that it be viewed as being as transparent as possible. The biggest criticisms directed towards the moving group is that it is cryptic/secretive and that those within the group are operating in an exclusive manner so as to place themselves others. The feeling is that an
ethocentric inclusivity/exclusivity is at play. Being that this is an incorrect perception, I rightly or wrongly took it upon myself to prove this otherwise. Your requesting an explanation for my rather brusque comments to you goes a long way in demonstrating that these misperception of this moving group are not as well founded as portrayed.

Many within the moving group operate inside and outside the sphere of influence of this thread. I believe that this goes a long way to dispel any notions of what I described above. It however does not silence the critics. In an attempt to silence the critics as to what they claim are nefarious intentions, I acting within the precepts of my nature was openly critical of you. It was done not to inflict consternation but to allow an honest point to be demonstrated. The point being an openess and honesty for disagreemnet in discourse. I may have used you as punching bag in doing so but it was my feeling that this was the
most direct approach to demonstrating the fairly free nature of the discourse that is practiced here.

Oh by the way, the nobody, yesterday your comments to Aether displayed an unappealing display of sucking up,, much love.
 Quoting: aka 20093181

great points
great summation

the post that prompted you was written in may 2011

the politics generally have improved a little since then and the dynamics of our societies global political structure have altered quite considerable. all into favor of the topics we discuss
thus i expect yourself and others, whom i am sure share your sentiments, to become noticeable more content with what you may read and likewise with answers you are offered in respect of any question asked in our future

thank you
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