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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
Post Content
this was in the cern debate last year

the debate within our religious authorities of all denominations is how to translate 21st century discovery into traditional religious application
and this is what they have to work with:

the causes of singular effect now known to be true when applied to a structure we know well, ourselves, constitute the baseline ingredients within ourselves we label conscious process (self aware). as in:
those ingredients present within ourselves are the reason we are ourselves as we know ourselves to be

those same ingredients exist within everything material that exists within our observable universe


those same ingredients exists within all the space that exists between all material that exists within our observable universe from micro to macro

the difference between structures of simple complexity upwards into the various complex structures is the visible difference the same baseline ingredients express. as in:
the same ingredients express differently dependent upon the structures complexity of construction they are expressing within

in our material dimension that manifests into the same baseline ingredients are all you are left with when you reach, as you do, the limit of simplicity that exists in the micro

you then discover that those same baseline ingredients form the non material baseline for all non material dimensions that exist and similarly structure outwards within our material dimension, unseen but experience because they influence (cern)

this forms the outline of god our 21st century is requiring our religions to fit into
 Quoting: aether
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