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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aka
Post Content
hey aka,,

a wonderful post indeed,,

the points raised and the motive contained therein are interesting and a pleasure to ingress,,

you are of course correct within such assumptions,, as it may well appear that this thread shares the undertones of a seprative boys club due to the inner shared narrative many here may appear to verbally thusly cullude with,,

it is understood fully how somewhat daunting towards others wishing to engage within this thread that may seem,,

however,, this is simply not the case,,

apperences are often deceptive,,

a kinship is felt towards others here for there sharing of wisdom and this is enjoyed,,

this one apologise's to your good self if you were ever offended by the kindness shown to wards others,,

please accept this one love and "sucking up" to too you as well,,

as this one has love for all,, especially you,, as your verbal conveyencing skills are wonderful and you raised many a good point indeed,,

much love,,
 Quoting: nobody 27939449

nobody, I have never seen you stray from your message of love. Nor have I ever seen you or Aether convey an ingracious or inhospitable thought. At times I look at things too deeply to discern intent. Perhaps it is an indication that at one time I was too gullible.

I realize and I am thankful that there are better people than myself out there.

Hows that for sucking up? One of my saving graces is that I don't take myself to seriously. I find it offers me a wide latitude of behavior.
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