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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle acuk
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Aether I have all day been trying to translate the writing on my family name coat of arms.

When I had my first OBE I was guided by a being wearing a blue jumpsuit, he had a crest on his chest, of a tree, same as one of the coats of arms for my name.

None of the translators I have tried seem to be working, I knopw what a clever bunch comes on here so was hoping for a little help, I will be forever grateful, and will follow nobodies lead with the sucking up.worship


[link to www.irishsurnames.com]
 Quoting: acuk 27929796

This phrase is one of two family mottos for the O'Connor name. Its often seen on coats of arms written in different ways ("ah" or "an" instead of "aon", "cabhair" or "chaibhair" etc.). The original is "O Dhia gach aon c(h)abhair"

The one in Latin is "nec timeo nec sperno" and translates as "I neither fear nor spurn".
I believe this one is associated with both the O'Connor clans, Don and Rua. The O'Connor Rua (the red O'Connors) are mainly centered in the southwest of Ireland in Kerry.

"O Dhia gach aon cabhair" is in Irish (i ngaeilge) and is associated with the O'Connor Don (the brown O'Connors) based in the mid-west and west of the country, mostly Roscommon and Galway.

It translates directly as "from God all and any help". There are two ways of reading this. The first is the obvious religious connotation, that we should look to God in times of need and in difficult times maintain our faith. .....................
 Quoting: observation

[link to wiki.answers.com]
 Quoting: aether

You are awesome thank you.

Never thought to use a wiki been going through loads of translators lol.

See told ya you were smart :)

Things just got a lot weirder today with that translation, I think I have changed realities and am now in a place that at last lets me understand at least some stuff.

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