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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Cheshire~Cat
Post Content
Ok I'll just go into the basics. Take it or leave it :)

The physical and non physical realms, lets call them 3d and 4d, differ in a way most people aren't aware.

In 3d, time is linear. In 4d, time is simultaneous.

Same with reincarnation. In 3d, you were some guy in the 1600s and then you "die" and come back as someone in the 1900s. But in 4d, you are both of those people simultaneously.

Karma works the same way. If you have a basic concept of karma as most people do, that will suffice. You are spiritually linked with your former selves and at this moment: You, your former self, and your infinite probable future selves are interacting simultaneously. If you mess up in another timeline, it can be felt in this one.

It goes even further. With the infinite future timeline probabilities, you might be experiencing the good or bad karma effects from another past or future self in a completely different timeline. Mostly you won't notice the good effects but mostly notice the bad effects, but I digress.

Lets say that one of your selves is under stress. That stress reverberates throughout all of your selves.

There are infinite universes, infinite probabilities and infinite timelines.

Cloud connected.
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